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Occupy Weed Street Screens 'Don Peyote'

Dana Beal (left) and Dan Fogler at the Wyeth Hotel on Jan. 9.

New York marijuana activists converged on Brooklyn on Jan. 9 to attend a screening of Don Peyote hosted by director/actor Dan Folger and Occupy Weed Street.

Dan Fogler presented his movie, "Don Peyote," at the screening room at 80 Wyeth St. in Brooklyn.

It was solid turnout at the Wyeth Hotel, which has a 100-seat screening room in the basement. Cannabis supporter Fogler showed his 2014 film about a man who's obsessed with conspiracy theories and loves to smoke apple pipes.

Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon talk about their Occupy Wall Street activities.

After the screening, CelebStoner's Steve Bloom conducted a Q&A with Fogler, followed by a pep talk from OWS's Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon. 

Dana Beal blows out the candles on his 68th birthday cake.

A special added attraction was the chocolate cake presented to Dana Beal, who was celebrating his 68th birthday. Beal is one of New York's best-known weed activists.

CelebStoner’s Steve Bloom vapes as Fogler awaits the passing of the Cloud Pen.

Also in attendance: Doug Greene, Paul DeRienzo and the Indiggo Twins, Mihaela and Gabriela.

All photos by Natalie Shmuel/Luna Rouge Pictures

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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