25 OIL-Friendly Events on 7/10 Dab Day

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Turn the word OIL in caps upside down and you've got 710, the date for the latest stoner holiday. You know about 420. Well, 7/10 is National Dab Day.

Dabbing is something you do with concentrated cannabis, i.e, wax, shatter, rosin. It requires the concentrate, a rig (similar to a glass bong) and a butane blowtorch. Heat up the bowl, drop in the sticky substance and inhale. It’s best to be sitting down while you dab. There are other ways too. Some rigs are equipped with e-nails so you don’t have to use a torch. Nectar collectors are simpler and cheaper; they also need to be heated with a torch. The other option is Puffco Peak Pro type battery operated devices. The Pro’s expensive but worth it.


What's Happening on 7/10

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710 Hash Smash, Albuquerque, NM

710 Jamfest, San Diego, CA

710 at Doc Green's, Berkeley, CA; featuring Rocker T

• 710 Pop Up, Bayonne, NJ

8th Annual 710 Dab Day, Miami, FL

Baja Terps Fest, Playas de Tijuana, MX

• Big Drip Oil Fest, Tuscon, AZ; featuring Luniz

Bill Maher, San Antonio, TX

• Cannabis Farmers Market, Laytonville, CA

• Chris Webby, Colorado Springs, CO

• Dab Day Celebration, online

• Dabs + Slabs, Los Angeles, CA

• Farmers Cup: A Concentrate Only Competition, San Diego, CA

From the Soil Tournament, La Mesa, CA

• Green Hub, online

• Las Vegas Cannabis Awards, Las Vegas, NV; featuring Adema

Melissa Etheridge, Groningen, NL

• Pop Up with Sanctuary, Holyoke, MA

• Seven 10 Extravaganza, Perris, CA; featuring Corey Clark

Snoop Dogg, Ontario, CA

• Táwpa Máqiwen, Warner Springs, CA; featuring Sister Nancy & the Originators

The Joint of Miami, Miami, FL

The 710 Fest, Midwest City, OK

The 710 Stoner Games. Kirkland Lake, ON

Source: Candid Chronicle

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