'The Stone Age' Opens in New York As City Embraces Legal Cannabis

The Stone Age is located at 607 Sixth Ave. in New York.

Right across the street from Old Navy and Bed Bath & Beyond on Sixth Ave. and 18th St. is New York's own cannabis exhibition called The Stone Age. It opened in a 9,000-square foot space on October 1 and hopes to run through the end of the year.

High - The Stone Age

This is an immersive exhibit featuring psychedelic imagery and drug-war messaging. Walking from room to room, you experience seven "states of being," from enlightenment to awareness, with stops at arousal, creativity, euphoria, pain and mindfulness along the way. Guides gently fill you in and then direct you to the next room. 

Bianca Romero’s "Creativity" mural - The Stone Age.

"This is our passion," says Brooklyn-born Sasha Perelman, who along with Elizabeth Santana, curated the show. "It's rooted in purpose."

Cannabis prisoner mural - The Stone Age

The prison cell - The Stone Age

The chronology of the War on Drugs - The Stone Age

The War on Drugs room and the focus on cannabis prisoners are the most powerful parts the exhibit. After reading about the history of prohibition, you enter a jail cell installation with a small bed, a table and one window with views. The prison walls are scrawled with marks counting the days inside. Part of the proceeeds from The Stone Age go to the Last Prisoner Project.

Jason Krugman’s interpretation of Orgasm - The Stone Age

Other rooms are more fun with great art work like Jason Krugman's "Orgasm" light creation and a musical device that allows you to add layers of sound to the mix. 

A final message - The Stone Age

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