CelebStoner's 2022 Cannabis-Industry Events Guide

It can be a blur of lights, people and products at cannabis-industry events.

Cannabis-industry events came back in the latter part of 2021. In 2022, there are more events than ever now that Covid has faded somewhat and federal mask restrictions have ended. Please send event details to


2022 Events



Mississippi Marijuana Business Conference - Biloxi, MS 6/23-24

This two-day event takes place at South Beach Event Center. Califiornia comic Ngaio Bealum is among the speakers.


Lester Grinspoon Reconsidered - Amherst, MA 6/24

From the website: "A day-long symposium honoring Lester Grinspoon, the Harvard psychiatrist who became a celebrated advocate for reforming marijuana prohibition laws and for recognizing marijuana’s potential benefits both medicinal and recreational. Hosted by the Robert S. Cox Special Collections and University Archives Research Center (SCUA) and the UMass Amherst Libraries." Grinspoon passed away in 2020.


Mycologia - Ojai, CA 6/24-26

Described as "an intimate music and art festival designed for us to commune under the desert sky, bond with fellow psychonauts, dance, play, swim (there will be live music and DJs by a pool), sit around the fire star gazing, engage in meaningful dialogue about what’s happening in the world of psychedelics, this three-day camping event produced by DoubleBlind magazine takes place "at the foot of the Los Padres National Forest, situated on 900 private acres."


Greener Daze - Willow Creek, CA 6/24-27

Higher Way Travel takes people into the woods of Northern Califiornia for this four-day canna-camping adventure. Meals, lodging and activities are all included.


Northeast Cannabis Nursing Conference - New Haven, CT 6/25

This first-time canna-health event takes place at the Omni Hotel in New Haven.


NECANN - Burlington, VT 6/25-26; Albany, NY 8/26-27; Atlantic City, NJ 9/9-10; Portland, ME 9/24-25

It's a busy 2022 for NECANN with seven scheduled shows starting in their home base at Hynes Convention Center in Boston in March followed by the Oklahoma Cannabis Convention in Tulsa in April and Chicago in June. Their next one is in Vermont.



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