Ten Things to Do on 7/10/23, a.k.a. National Dab Day

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Turn the word OIL in caps upside down and you've got 710. You know about 420. Well, 7/10 is National Dab Day.

Dabbing is something you do with concentrated cannabis, i.e, wax, shatter, rosin. It requires the concentrate, a rig (similar to a glass bong) and a butane blowtorch. Heat up the bowl, drop in the sticky substance and inhale. It’s best to be sitting down while you dab. There are other ways too. Some rigs are equipped with e-nails so you don’t have to use a torch. Nectar collectors are simpler and cheaper; they also need to be heated with a torch. The other option is Puffco Peak Pro type battery operated devices. 

It also include vape carts loaded with cannabis oil or live rosin.


What's Happening on 7/10/23

Being that it's on a Monday, not many events are scheduled this year on July 10. 710 Dab Day (Miami, FL), Transbay Challenge V (Sacramento, CA) and others already took place over the July 8-9 weekend. 

Here are 10 things to do on 7/10:

• 710 Sensual Soiree (Happy Munkey), Museum of Sex, New York, NY

Decks N' Dabs (Sensi), Diaspora, Cambridge, MA

Dab Day (Rocky Mountain Blaze), Pueblo, CO

Dab Day in Pueblo, CO

The Pass Berkshires, Sheffield, MA - free 7/10 t-shirts and stickers

Highway Cannabis Co., Marina Del Ray, CA - buy three extracts and receive three more for a penny.

• KindPeoples, Santa Cruz, CA - all extracts just $10

KindPeoples in Santa Cruz, CA

Coastal Cannabis, Vista, CA - specials and BOGOS on cartridges and concentrates; every 10th guest receives a special surprise with a minimum purchase; purchases over $100 receive a food-truck voucher.

• Destination Hwy 420, Bremerton, WA - 30% off everything.

• Dab Day, Lemonade Park, Kansas City, MO

• The Fire Station – 15% off concentrates at their eight Michigan stores.

The Fire Station stores in Michigan are offering 7/10 discounts.

Surely, there are plenty of other deals to be found on Dab Day. Happy hunting!


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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