Hannah Einbinder's Stand-Up Special: 'Chronic Marijuana,' Adderall and a Life in Comedy

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Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Hannah Einbinder is having her moment. The co-star of HBO's Hacks with Jean Smart is not only featured in the current Season 3, but also has a special on HBO/Max, Hannah Einbinder: Everything Must Go.

The show's described at the HBO website as a "psychedelic thrill ride." It's not a trippy stand-up filmed at the El Rey in Los Angeles, but it does have some druggy content from the start:

"Anywone ever done DMT?" the 28-year-old daughter of Saturday Night Live original cast member Laraine Newman barks. "It's a psychedelic chemical that's released when we die. Nice of God to sprinkle that in there."

She quickly jumps to: 

"Me, I don't do drugs much - anymore – because I smoked Los Angleles chronic marijuana four-plus times a day during vital stages of ny brain development. So, I am what scientists and doctors refer to in several articles and medical journals as ruined.

"My friends tried to get me to do mushrooms and acid with them. They say it will expand my mind. If I do acid I'll never come back.

"When I die I'm going to donate my body to science so they can study the effects drug use has had on my brain."

Then Einbinder comes really clean about her drug use:

"I smoked all that weed to take the edge off the 40 grams of Adderall I took everyday for six years. I think the gross over-prescription of amphetamine-based stimulants to increase productivity under capitalism has tricked us to think they have ADHD when really most people hate their job and need to be high on drugs to do them."

That's the ride. The rest of Einbinder's clever act discusses menstruation, cheerleading, her bisexuality and Jewishness. Hacks is never mentioned. Neither is her mother, who Einbinder has clearly drawn from with the peculiar style of comedy Newman was known for in the '70s. Einbinder ties up the loose ends with a crisp, smart set that places her at the top of the current stand-up pyramid.



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