Rock and Pop Star Deaths in 2019

Eddie Money

Nee: Edward Mahoney

Band: solo artist

Position: singer/songwriter/saxophonist

Died: Sept. 13

Cause of death: esophageal cancer

Age: 70

Distinctions: The New York-born pop-rock singer recorded 12 albums from 1977-2019 and had hits with "Take Me Home Tonight" (No. 4, 1986), "Baby Hold On" (No. 11, 1978), "Peace in Our Time" (No. 11, 1990), "I Wanna Go Back" (No. 14, 1986), "Think I'm in Love" (No. 16, 1982), "Endless Nights" (No. 21, 1987), "I'll Get By" (No. 21, 1991), "Two Tickets to Paradise" (No. 22, 1978) and "Maybe I'm a Fool" (No. 22, 1979). He received his lone Grammy nomination for "Take Me Home Tonight" (Best Vocal Rock Performance, Male) in 1986.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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