Rock and Pop Star Deaths in 2020

Photo of Trini Lopez in 1965 by Stanley Bielecki/ASP

Trini Lopez (nee Trinidad)

Band: solo performer

Position: singer, songwriter, guitar player

Died: August 11

Cause: Covid-19

Age: 83

Distinctions: Texas-born folk singer of Mexican descent Trini Lopez had hits with "If I Had a Hammer" (No. 3, 1963), "Lemon Tree" (No 20, 1964), "Kansas City" (No, 23, 1963), "Michael" (No. 42, 1964) and "La Bamba Pt. 1 (No. 86, 1966), and released 32 albums from 1963-2011, including the No. 2 Trini Lopez at PJ's (1963); he also had roles in The Dirty Dozen (1967) and other films.


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