Rock and Pop Star Deaths in 2020

Peter Green - July 25; British-born singer, guitarist and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac; his song "Oh Well" was their first hit (No. 55, 1970); years after leaving the band in 1970 he founded the Peter Green Splinter Group; died of natural causes; was 71. 

Robert Greenfield - May 4; player bass with the Stranglers; the British punk band had U.K. hits with "Golden Brown" (No. 2, 1982), "Strange Little Girl" (No. 7, 1982), "Peaches" (No. 8, 1977), "No More Heroes" (No. 8, 1977) and "Something Better Change" (No. 9, 1977); suffered from a heart conditon and tested positive for Covid-19 while hospitalized; was 71.

Albert Griffiths - Dec. 16; founder and lead singer/guitarist of reggae group The Gladiators who released 25 albums from 1976-2009 and had hits like "Hello Carol" (watch below); suffered from Parkinson's; was 74.

Henry Grimes - Apr. 15; Philadelphia-raised free-jazz bassist played with Sonny Rollins, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Gerry Mulligan and others and released seven albums as a leader from 1965-2014; suffered from Covid-19; was 84.

Jordan Groggs (nee Stepha J, Groggs) - June 30; Arizona-based rapper and member of the group Injured Reserve; cause undisclosed; was 30.

Steve Grossman - Aug. 13; New York-born jazz saxohonist played with Miles Davis and Elvin Jones and released 25 solo albums from 1974-2006; suffered cardiac arrest; was 69.

Cady Groves - May 2; Kansas-born singer-songwriter released five EPs from 2011-2020; died from alcohol abuse; was 30. Watch "Whiskey and Wine" with Christain Burghardt below.

• Bob Gullotti - Jan. 25; Boston-based jazz drummer played with Phish on three occasions and taught at the Berklee School of Music; cause undisclosed; was 70.



James "Slim" Hand - June 8; Texas-born country singer recorded six albums from 1999-2015; suffered from heart disease; was 67.

• Steven Hanford - May 21; drummer with Portland, OR punk band Poison Idea; nicknamed "Slayer Hippie"; suffered a heart attack; was 50.

Andre Harrell - May 8; music industry executive founded Uptown Records and signed Sean Combs and Mary J. Blige, among others; performed in rap group Dr. Jeckll & Mr. Hyde; cause undisclosed; was 59.

Gordon Haskell - Oct, 15; played bass and sang with King Crimson on their second and third albums in 1970; as a solo artist he released 13 albums from 1969-2020 and had a British hit with "How Wonderful You Are" (No. 2, 2001, watch below); suffered from cancer; was 74.

Roy Head - Sept. 21; Texas-born rock/R&B singer led the Traits who has a No. 2 hit with "Treat Her Right" in 1965 (watch below), followed by "Apple of My Eye" (No. 32, 1965), "Just a Little Bit" (No. 39, 1965) and "Puff of Smoke" (No. 96, 1971); suffered a heart attack; was 79.

Ken Hensley - Nov. 4; played keyboards and other instruments with British rock acts Uriah Heep from 1970-1980 and Blackfoot from 1982-1985; cause undisclosed; was 75.


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