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Rock and Pop Star Deaths in 2020

Neil Peart

Band: Rush

Position: drummer

Died: Jan. 7

Cause: brain cancer

Age: 67

Distinctions: Known for his spectacular drumming style and lengthy concert solos, Neal Peart also wrote Rush's lyrics. The Canadian trio featured falsetto-voiced frontman/bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson as well.  They recorded 18 albums from 1974-2012 (14 hit the Top 10) and had hits with "New World Man" (No. 21, 1982), "Limelight" (No. 18, 1981) and "Tom Sawyer" (No. 44. 1981). Rush were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. They stopped performing as a group two years later.

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Steve Bloom

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