Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock Star Deaths in 2022

RIP: Meatloaf and Ronnie Spector


Darius Danesh - Scottish singer-songwriter; died of chloroethane inhalation in the U.S.; 41

Cecil Daniels - played sax with Widespread Panic live on several occssions

Betty Davis - funk-rock singer, was married to Miles Davis; cancer; 77

Joey DeFrancesco - Arizona-based Grammy-nominated jazz organist; heart attack, 51

Paolo Diniz - Brazilian singer and composer; 82

D.H. Peligro (Darren Henley) - St. Louis-born drummer with the Dead Kennedys; accidental fall; 63

DJ DaBaby (Darien Lewis) - Houston DJ; died after falling from hotel balcony; 23

DJ Kay Slay (Keith Grayson) - New York DJ and graffiti artist; COVID-related; 55

DJ 50 Grand (Kevin Griffin) - Notorious B.I.G.'s original producer; 55

Tyrone Downie - keyboard player with Bob Marley & the Wailers

Lamont Dozier - part of Motown's powerhouse songwiting team, Holland-Dozier-Holland; 81

Drummie Zeb (Angus Gaye) - lead singer/drummer with British reggae group Aswad; 62

Shonka Dukureh - portrayed Big Mama Thornton in Elvis; 44

Judith Durham - lead singer with Australian folk-rock group The Seekers; lung disease; 79



Jamal Edwards - British DJ who performed under the name Jamal Artman; heart attack; 31

Flavio Etcheto - Argentine EDM pioneer; cancer; 52

Archie Eversole - Atlanta rapper; shot and killed by his brother, Alexander Krause; 37

Daniel Fawcett - former guitarist with Canadian rock band Helix; murdeered in London, Ontario; 52

FBG Cash (Tristian Hamilton) - Chicago rapper; shot and killed; 31

Anton Fier - Cleveland-born drummer founded the Golden Palominos, played with the Lounge Lizards, the Feelies and many others

Andy Fletcher - co-founder and keyboardist of Depeche Mode, who were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022; 60

Jake Flint - Oklahoma-born country singer; 37



Ricky Gardiner  Scottish guitarist who played with David Bowie and Iggy Pop; Parkinson's; 73

Donnie Gerrard - lead singer with Canadian band, Skylark; cancer; 75

Mickey Gilley - Mississippi-born C&W singer whose bar Gilley's was made famous in Urban Cowboy

Dallas Good - singer/guitarist with Toronto's The Sadies; 48

Sam Gooden - original member of Chicago soul group The Impressions; inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991; 87

Goonew (Markelle Morrow) - Maryland rapper; shot; 24

Frank "Francisco" González - original member of Los Lobos; 86

Robert Gordon - Maryland-born rockabilly singer was popular in the NYC punk scene; leukemia; 75

Howard Grimes - drummer with Al Green and others; kidney failure; 80

Steve Grimmett - lead singer of British metal band Grim Reaper: 62

Guitar Shorty (David Kearney) - Houston-born blues singer/guitarist, friend of Jimi Hendrix; 87


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