Kacey Musgraves Sings, 'I Used to Wake and Bake,' on New Tune, 'Deeper Well'

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Grammy-winning country singer and friend of Willie Nelson, Kasey Musgraveshas had a change of heart about cannabis.

In the title song of her new album Deeper Well, which she debuted on Saturday Night Live on March 2, Musgraves sings:

I used to wake and bake
Roll out of bed, hit the gravity bong that I made
And start the day
For a while, it got me by
Everything I did seemed better when I was high
I don't know why

In the chorus, Musgrsavre explains simply:

And I've got to take care of myself
I found a deeper well

What is the meaning of "Deeper Well"? The website Holler offers this explanation about the verse in question:

It's no secret that Musgraves has been an avid marijuana user throughout the years, as well as gone on "guided trips" with mushrooms, which she credits in helping her creative process.

With this second verse, she admits to these things once again, explaining that she used to wake up every day and smoke to start the day with a high.

She notes that "for a while, it got [her] by," but by talking in past tense, it feels like this is a pastime that she no longer partakes in.

Previously, Musgraves sang about cannabis in 2012's "Merry Go Round" ("brother’s hooked on Mary Jane"), 2013's "Follow Your Arrow" ("roll up a joint, I would") and 2015's "Biscuits" ("smoke your own smoke").

Deeper Well is Musgraves' sixth album and first since 2021. The songs are written by Musgraves, Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. She has 13 Grammy noms and seven wins. Her American tour doesn't begin until September.

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