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Hemp Lotion from Nature's Gate

Buy hemp products!

When I want some hemp, I squirt Nature's Gate moisturizing hemp lotion onto my hands. It contains Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil in the ingredients. Pick up a bottle at your local "drug" store.

Nature's Gate deserves a lot of credit. The California company, based in Chadsworth, reaches more people than any other with a hemp-product line, and that includes the formidable Dr. Bronner's.

They have three hemp products: the hemp lotion ($11.69) and two hair-care items, a shampoo and a conditioner (both $7.79).

Let's make these Nature's Gate's most popular products. Buy hemp!

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.