Six Reasons to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Herbal Nation: You take a seed, you plant it, you grow it, you dry it, you smoke it and it goes down smooth.

You love smoking marijuana, but have you ever considered growing it? Here are six reasons why you should buy cannabis seeds online.

1. Save Money
Online seeds cost a whole lot less than buying plants or seeds any other way. On top of that, if you purchase them from a reputable source, you’re ensured that the seeds will germinate. So you get your own marijuana plants for less money.

2. Know What You’re Buying
If you don’t purchase seeds online, you’re either going to have to find someone who’s willing to sell you some seeds, which could lead to sketchy situations, or breed your own seeds. Both options are not very convenient. Save yourself the hassle and buy online. Know what you’re buying from the comfort of your own home.

3. Absolute Discreteness
We all love the aroma of some good weed, but no one wants to smell it in their mailbox. That’s why an online seed shop with discreet shipping is a must. Their seeds are virtually undetectable when sent via mail. They arrive to you safe and ready to grow.

4. Guaranteed Delivery
Online seed shops are not new, and over time the process of sending the seeds has become increasingly more streamlined. With shops like I Love Growing Marijuana, you’re guaranteed delivery. If they don't germinate, the order will be re-sent.

5. Sites Offer Help Growing Seeds Into Healthy Plants    
What good are some seeds if you don’t know what to do with them? Not only can you buy seeds online, you can also find everything you need to grow them online. The mastermind behind, Robert Bergman, wrote an extensive step-by-step guide to growing marijuana, which you can download for free here.

6. A Wide Variety Of Choices
When buying shoes you know Zappos has more to offer than your local shoe store. This also applies to buying marijuana seeds. Online stores offer every variety under the sun.

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