Five Top Vape Pens for Flowers and Concentrates

Delta 9 Persei

Company: Delta 9
Price: $135.95
Compatibility: concentrates
Review: The Delta 9 Persei vaporizer is the new 2014 Kiss series. It comes with a USB battery charger, three rechargeable batteries and two 5.0 ohm cartridges as well as the accessories you need for it to function properly. Not satisfied with 110v battery? Use 220v and double the strength of the pen. Load oily waxes with the tool in the cartridge and slide it in place, then screw in the top part and mouthpiece. The result is very thick vapor clouds. One of the best dabbing pens, it’s compact, lightweight and discreet at six inches long.
Rating: 4 vapes (out of 5) 

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