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THe Joy of Cannabis

Five Top Vape Pens for Flowers and Concentrates

Atmos Orbit

Company: Atmos
Price: $169.95
Compatibility: flowers
Review: The Atmos Orbit is one of the best pen vaporizers for dry herbs. It comes with a USB charger you can plug into the wall or computer. It’s 7 inches long and comes with the tools you need. The cost is a little more than its predecessors because of the extra chamber space (.4 grams of flower capacity). It uses high-grade ceramic, stainless steel and leather materials. The outer shell is scratch resistant and the battery gives a powerful 7.4v charge. The LED indicator lets you know when you can pull on your Orbit and the charge lasts for six hours of continuous use.
Rating: 5 vapes (out of 5)

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