Five Top Vape Pens for Flowers and Concentrates

T-Vape 2.0

Company: Square Smoke
Price: $159.95
Compatibility: flowers
Review: T-Vape 2.0 is one of the easiest pens to use. Just pop off mouthpiece, load dry herb into the patented tube oven and puff. It comes with two different tubes (short and long), two different batteries (900 mAh and 2200 mAh) and a battery extender. The smaller battery and short tube are best to use on the go; the longer tube and bigger battery are preferable for home use. The device glows green when it reaches 370 degrees. To increase temperatures, hold down the button (it rises one degree per second). It takes 30 seconds to heat up to optimal temperatures. However, it’s hard to know exact temperatures since there's no digital display. It only comes with an AC adapter for charging.
Rating: 4.5 vapes (out of 5)

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