Vaporizer Review: The Herbalizer

The Herbalizer

Company: Herbalizer
Price: $729
Compatibility: flowers, oils

Once upon a time the Volcano was the highest rated, most sought after vaporizer. Fast forward to today’s ferociously competitive marketplace and you now have highly advanced technology designed by NASA rocket scientists, such as the Herbalizer.

This cutting-edge machine is designed to provide the ultimate in vaportherapy, in a safe, efficient and holistic manner. It uses a bag consumption method and also provides the option to switch over to a whip. Not only are there different consumption methods, you can choose between vaportherapy, aromatherapy and free air modes. Vaportherapy is the standard mode, while aromatherapy is for use with the built-in oil diffuser. The free air mode functions as a dry herb vaporizer and fills the room with premium quality clouds. 

This efficient machine resembles an Apple electronic toy and performs like a true scientific marvel (it was invented by former NASA engineers and is made in America). The Herbalizer has a sleek circular design and a metallic “meteorite” finish. Modern and sophisticated, this innovative vape is designed to impress.

One of the big selling points is its precise temperature control, which allowis you to adjust temps as needed. While lower temps produce mild and uplifting effects, higher temps are more intense. Beginners usually start low and gradually move into the higher temp range. Other machines just don’t offer this level of versatility. In addition, since it heats up immediately, there’s no waiting time. Just turn it on and enjoy the best vaping experience ever. 

As the most expensive vaporizer on the market, price is a factor. But when you consider the features of the unit, as well as its solid construction and high-tech engineering, you’ll see that it’s an investment in your own pleasure and well-being. 

Rating: 5 vapes (out of 5)

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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