Vaporizer Review: The Summit

The Summit

Company: Vapium, Inc.

Price: $149

Compatibility: Flowers

Review: With vaporizers available in all sizes, colors and with various features, it's become harder and harder to stand out. Having said that, The Summit by startup Vapium manages to stand out in various ways. Not only is it priced very attractively, it's also one of the very few vaporizers on the market that's weather-resistant and shock proof, making it a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The design is simple yet elegant and it's available in three colors (black, green and blue).

With eight temperature settings to choose from, those seeking pure flavor, a strong effect and thick clouds will be pleased. The vapor output is excellent, easily matching the more expensive competing brands. While the battery life isn't the best (the internal battery is non-replaceable), the separately available solar charger ($49) makes for a nice addition for those wishing to charge their Summit while out and away from electricity. The portable power bank is a good alternative.

Overall, the Summit is a well-built, reliable and compact vaporizer that's easy to use and easy to clean. It's perfect for outdoor adventurers as well as city slickers (and everyone in between).

Rating: 4 vapes (out of 5) 

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