Five Beneficial Medical Sativas

Sativa cannabis strains are known to boost a person’s mood and alleviate stress. Some have a mild taste, while others provide immense pain relief and contain relaxation properties. The right strain for you depends on your current medical condition and the results you want to see from cannabis.

1. Power Flower

Coming from South Africa, this strain is closest to a pure sativa (88%) on this list. It thrives in warm climates and can be grown indoors. The high is smooth with energy-producing properties, while the taste is sweet and sour similar to lemons and limes.


2. Haze Berry

This 80% dominant sativa has a sweet flavor and mellows a person out, reducing pain while providing a boost of energy. It combines the taste of blueberry with the cerebral high of Haze.


3. Amnesia Haze

This 70% dominant Dutch sativa offers a long-lasting, body-relaxing high that’s ideal for pain sufferers. It has lemon, orange and honey flavors.


4. Sour Diesel

Another 70% dominant sativa, this strain produces a euphoric high, alleviates depression and is also great for treating hunger issues and pain. It has the flavor of Diesel and Skunk.


5. Fruit Spirit

This 60% dominant sativa (Blueberry x White Widow) is a stress reliever and a mood changer. It’s also helps with eating disorders.