Five Benefits of Vaporization

1. Less Carcinogens

Honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to know smoking creates carcinogens. You’re lighting something on fire, which creates smoke. That smoke is going in your body and has no way of being released except into your lungs. Many people with certain diseases or cancer have switched from their normal everyday medicines to smoking marijuana in order to combat their symptoms. Well, marijuana vaporizers can help with the smoking part and help you fight those symptoms with as little side effects as possible. True vaporizers do not combust your herbs; they vaporize the active ingredients (THC, CBD). Cannabinoids get vaporized by having a certain temperature of heat pass through the herb. This emits vapor that's almost 95% free of smoke and carcinogens.


2. More Discreet

Vaporizers are discreet when it comes to quickly taking a hit or two and going on about your day. With a quick load time, just screw your chamber back on, vape and continue walking. Vaporizers don’t take away the pungent marijuana smell, but they can lessen it significantly.


3. Saving Money

Vaporizers generally don’t have big chambers to load up. The reason for this is because vapor acts quickly and gives you immediate relief off a small dosage. A joint contains about a gram of herb whereas vaporizer chambers roughly are big enough for about .2-.3 grams. The .2 grams in your chamber can last you up to five to six hits. If it was in a pipe, it would be burnt up in less than three to four hits.


4. Temperature Control

Since the amount you can load up in your chamber is small and a lot of vaporizers come with temperature control settings, this helps you determine how fast and harsh you want the vapor to be. Not all herbs vaporize at the same temperatures. Marijuana vaporizes between 356°F and 385°F (other herbs like lavender vaporize at 266°F and peppermint vaporizes at 331°F). Also, some vaporizers use dry herb, concentrates and liquids, so you need to be able to control the temperature for those three options. Clearly, having a temperature-controlled vaporizer is really helpful.


5. Better Taste

Vaporizers usually give you the real quality of how the herb should taste. This is because smoking completely burns and incinerates your herbs, killing the quality taste. If you’re vaping and notice a taste like burnt popcorn, it’s mostly because the temperature is on too high. The burnt taste can also be due to not enough herb in the chamber or the residue left in your atomizer. Maintenance is key to keeping a vape at pristine quality, but so are many other smoking methods like a pipe, which builds up residue even quicker. The best tip for beginners is to start at around 350°F.