Review: Boundless CFX Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Boundless CFX Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Company: Boundless Vape Technology

Price: $179

Compatibility: Flowers

The CFX Portable is not only a portable vaporizer, it is also great for at use at home. The performance exceeds the expectations based on its price tag.

Though the CFX  is an all-in-one unit designed for dry herb, wax and oil, the focus here is its functionality as a dry herb vaporizerThe large heating chamber can fit a substantial amount of flower. It was tested at 375 degrees using Cherry Diesel. The warm-up time is fairly quick, changing into a green display of numbers once the selected vaping temperature is reached. The LED display shows a 300-second countdown to vape while the device maintains the temperature that you've chosen. For a single session, filling half of the chamber seems to be more than enough. 


• Fancy packaging as well as cleaning tool.

• Large heating chamber, well above average.

• LED display shows accurate temperature and session time remaining.


• It's portable, but a bit large to carry in your pocket.

• It's not meant to produce large clouds per draw, making the CFX more of an elegant experience.


The CFX outperforms others in the price range. It has a sturdy protective exterior. With many vaporizers, you can feel the hot surface area outside of the heating chamber. With the CFX, you're barely able to feel the warmth of the oven from the outside. Look for an upcoming review of the CFX using its wax vaporizer functionality for oil and concentrates.

Rating: 4.5 vapes out of 5