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Vaporizer Review: FlytLab's H2FLO


Company: FlytLab Vapor Systems

Price: $220

Compatibility: Flowers

Review: Want to turn your portable vaporizer into a water pipe? FlytLab's H2FLO does just that. It's a standard vape with a water chamber attachment. Load the ceramic oven and screw on the water chamber (filled a quarter high). Press the on-button three times. A red light will go on. Then choose your desired temp: blue (low), yellow (medium) or green (high). After about a minute, the red light will switch to the color you selected. It's time to inhale. The first hit using the water chamber is smooth and tasty. After about five pulls, you'll notice a burning taste. Time to empty the oven and repeat the process. For the ultimate hit, combine the air chamber, the flow control component and the water chamber. When they all stack up (it's just shy of a foot tall), the vape looks like an oboe. It's fun to play and doesn't require any lessons.

Rating: 4.5 vapes out of five

Order the H2FLO here.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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