Five Top Portable Vaporizers


Company: DaVinci

Price: $199

Compatibility: flowers and concentrates

Review: Among the main points of difference between the DaVinci Ascent and other portable multifunction vapes on the market are its all-glass vapor pathway and ceramic heating chamber. These two features allow for a truly pure vaping experience, so you can taste the full flavor.

You can vape for 3–4 hours continuously without having to recharge the vaporizer. In terms of battery life, the Ascent outperforms almost every other competitor. Incredibly stylish, the vape comes in a number of unique finishes. It’s pretty straightforward to use.

For all of the benefits of the Ascent, there are some downsides too. While it does a good job of maintaining a steady temperature to avoid burning material, the vaporizer (especially the mouthpiece) has a tendency to become hot if you use it for too long. So it’s best to use this vape only for short sessions.

The Ascent takes five hours to charge, which is much longer than almost any other herb and wax vaporizer. The fact that you can vape while you recharge does somewhat offset the inconvenience of the long charge time, but the fact that you’d have to vape tethered to a power supply limits portability.

The size of the Ascent is larger than some other portables and hence is not as easy to discreetly carry.

Rating: 3 out of 5 vapes

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