Five Top Portable Vaporizers

Launch Box

Company: Magic Flight

Price: $114

Compatibility: flowers and concentrates

Review: Handmade out of solid hardwood, the Magic Flight Launch Box (or MFLB) is one of the few portable vaporizers on the market to come with a lifetime guarantee. The batteries on the unit are external and replaceable, so this really can be the last portable weed vaporizer you’ll ever have to buy. Available in a wide array of stylish designs and colors, the MFLB is visually appealing with a simple design.

It gets hot in just 5–10 seconds and can produce very large clouds of vapor with only a small amount of material. Vapor quality is exceptional when this portable is used properly. Best of all, this is one of the least expensive dry-herb vaporizer models on the market today.

The biggest drawback with the MFLB is that it can be difficult to use. It takes some time to master the proper technique so that you don’t accidentally burn your material. It’s best to watch an instructional video and to read the owner's manual before vaping.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 vapes

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