Why E-Nails Are Better for Dabbing

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Electric dab nails (or e-nails) offer a lower temperature dab. Depending on the concentrate you’re vaporizing, fuller flavors are sometimes desired. With the control of the temperature settings at your fingertips, you can gauge your personal preference for heat and terpenes release. 

Dab nails come in many different shapes and sizes. The supreme ruler of all nails though is the e-nail. It’s the perfect apparatus for torch-free heating. 

These superior components can run on the pricey side, but they’re worth every cent. Here's why:

• Consistent Temperatures

Finding the right Fahrenheit or Celsius temp for your dabbing pleasure can be a real trial. Once you discover the desired temp, finding it again can be a difficult. The beauty of electronic dab nails is the fact that you can choose a temperature and set it, forever.

The "perfect" temperature is arguable. Starting at 710 degrees F is your best bet, then play around to your preference and taste until you arrive at your optimal temp.

• Torch-Free

Dealing with butane torches can be stressful and dangerous. Using such a serious flame also gives dabbing a bad name in anti-drug circles, likening it to crack or methamphetamines. Use the flameless electronic nail approach and be cleared of such accusations.

• Always Ready

Sometimes waiting to heat your nail can seem like a lifetime. With e-nails, you can go from zero to blazing hot in seconds flat.

• Save Money

The cost of butane for torches, not to mention all that wasted wax, will start to add up. Investing in a top-of-the-line rig with an e-nail is the economical way to go.

• Release Terps

Terpenes are the essential oil of any plant resin. The ideal amount of heating time is important because the release of terpenes is crucial to get just the right taste. Terpenes give cannabis a distinct smell. THC and CBD come from the same place as these delightfully pungent hydrocarbons. Ironically, plants use their terpenes to confuse or gross out hungry herbivores while humans use it to sniff out a good healing session.

E-nails are equipped with ports for a coil and sensors for temperature measurement. These torch-less wonders are ideal for any variety of concentrate.