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Five Myths About Buying Bongs and Vaporizers Online

If you’re searching online for glass bongs, vaporizers, bubblers or dab rigs, then this article is for you. It debunks some myths and doubts about online paraphernalia purchasing.

Myth #1: Buying Online Can Be More Expensive

This is a common misconception. The truth is, online shops stock larger quantities of each individual product than traditional headshops due to partnerships with manufacturers worldwide. This leads to lower prices for the online shops and its customers. In fact, online shopping as a whole is cheaper because of low overhead (no store rent or electric bills).

Myth #2: It’s a Crime to Buy a Bong Online

False. If you’re at least 18 years old, ordering from an online headshop is not illegal. Buying a vaporizer, a bong, a pipe or whatever item you might need is not even close to a crime. They’re intended for medical use, aromatherapy and tobacco, so no you’re not breaking the law. Buying smoke items doesn’t mean you’ll use them for illegal purposes.

Myth #3: It Takes a Lot of Time to Ship and the Product Might Be Broken

Any serious online headshop has policies that prevent issues like that from happening. Most online headshops are experienced when it comes to shipping glass. There’s no need to worry about slow-arriving or damaged packages.

Myth #4: Returning an Item Is Very Complicated

Reputable shops have return policies that minimize turnaround costs for the customer. A shop with good customer service will be in touch with you during the process via email, phone or even a live chat to make sure things run smoothly on your end. Of course, you won’t be able to return an item without a receipt or if it’s already been in used. 

Myth #5: Shopping Online Does Not Offer the Personal Experience

Shopping at a reliable online headshop can offer you a more personalized experienced than your local headshop. Online shops have trained representatives to answer your questions immediately. They’re experts at glass and vapes. An online chat can provide as many answers as you need about thousands of products you wouldn’t find at your local headshop. The reps are smoking enthusiasts like yourselves and will guide you through the products, so you can make the best choice on your budget and have a positive experience in the process.

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