How to Optimize Your Boundless CFC Vaporizer

From the CF Hybrid to the CF 710, Boundless Technology makes truly creative and impressive vaporizers. Their latest model, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer, slightly resembles a pear or teardrop and fits comfortably in your hand. The team at Boundless is known for its dedication to stealthy vapes, and the Boundless CFC is no different. Here are five tips on how to optimize this popular portable vape:

1. Create Those Thick Clouds: For the strongest vapor with the thickest clouds, heat your unit before loading it. While this may sacrifice a small bit of battery time, it guarantees that the chamber will be warmed up before using it.

2. Choose the Right Temperature: The Boundless CFC has an extremely fast heat-up time. For a more flavorful vapor with lighter clouds, lower the temperature settings. However, if thicker clouds and a stronger vapor are what you prefer, then set it at a higher temp. The large ceramic chamber can comfortably hold up to .3 gram of dried herb. The Boundless CFC employs a fully conduction-based system to ensure even heating and airflow.

3. Look After Your Battery: Remember to turn it off between sessions and not to overdo the temperature settings. Boundless claims 15-20 sessions per charge. Obviously, using a vaporizer at a higher temperature will deplete the battery; that's why it’s a nice benefit to be able to change the temperature easily. Stylish up-or-down buttons are situated on the side of the piece and numbers appear on the display screen. Switching temperature is as simple as holding the power and the up-or-down buttons at the same time.

4. Grinding and Packing: For the most effective use of the CFC, pack the chamber fully with finely ground materials. This maximizes the airflow in the chamber and heats then herb evenly.

5. Mind the Heat: The CFC’s rigid rubber shell ensures that it doesn't get too hot to handle. But, still, be careful when using over an extended period.

Overall, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer has many advantages over the competition. For one, at $89.99, it’s affordable. With the majority of portable vaporizers putting quality vapor over looks, the CFC is a perfect example of how both can be implemented easily without sacrificing the other. It’s an attractive device that gives results you would associate with more established, bulkier and expensive models like the Mighty. Expect to see Boundless Technology on the vaping map for many years to come.