Top 7 Benefits of Desktop Vaporizers

The vaporizer market is thriving. Since the release of the revolutionary Volcano in 2000, we’ve seen continuous new makes and models hit the shelves. Considering the problems smoking can cause, the rise in the popularity of vapes comes as no surprise. The advantages are enormous: cleaner highs, tastier experiences and massive savings in the long run.

While vaporizers are expensive machines at the initial purchase stage, you’ll be shocked at how fast the savings will accumulate over time. There are predominantly two styles of vaporizers on the market: portables and desktops. Portable vaporizers are much smaller, battery-operated devices built with discretion in mind. Much larger and powerful, desktop vaporizers require electrical power.

Here are the seven main benefits of desktop vapes:

1. Balloons and Whips

The two main ways to extract vapor from desktops are whips and balloons. The plastic whip, which is usually made from food-grade materials, is attached to the vaporizer and allows vapor to the mouthpiece. The balloon style, which was made famous by Storz & Bickel with their Volcano, works by attaching the balloon to the vaporizer and allowing it to fill before removing the balloon and inhaling via the mouthpiece. While both are excellent styles, our preference is the balloon.

2. Larger Chambers

Since the units themselves are considerably larger than portables, the chambers are considerably bigger too, which means more cannabis and longer sessions.

3. Powerful Vapor

From the temperature set point to the level of draw resistance, there are numerous contributing factors to high-quality vapor. Desktops like the Volcano provide dense, potent vapor thanks to the significantly stronger components used in the build these models.

4. Accurate Temperatures

While advancements in vaporizer technology continue to flourish, it’s still difficult to determine whether the temperature chosen is being reflected in the chamber of your vape. Desktops are more accurate, again because of the higher quality components used. Vaporizers such as the Volcano Digit allow you to change the temperature settings in single increments to ensure you always have complete control of the device.

5. No Battery Bothers

One of the biggest issues surrounding portables is battery life. Vaporizers require a lot of power to produce the heat and the environment needed to create potent vapor. While the majority of portable vaporizers have impressive battery capacities, it’s impossible to compare them to the good, old-fashioned electrical power.

6. Perfect for Parties

One of the biggest benefits to desktops is that they’re easily shared amongst friends. While some aren’t as suited as others for groups, the Volcano’s balloon technology can certainly contribute to a fun time for all. The balloon is easily passed between friends (Storz & Bickel claims the vapor trapped inside can last up to eight hours).

7. Vaporizers for Life

Since there’s a considerably large initial cost involved in buying a quality desktop, it’s imperative to make sure you do regular cleaning and maintenance. These machines are built with longevity in mind.