CelebStoner MagicalButter 7/10 Contest

CelebStoner is giving away one MagicalButter MB2e Machine on Oil & Concentrate Day, a.k.a. 7/10.

The MagicalButter Botanical Extractor™ is the world’s first countertop device designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotions and more. Combining an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and heating unit, the MagicalButter MB2e Machine is designed to create recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labor. MB2e grinds, heats, stirs and steeps the herbal extract at the correct time intervals and temperature. 

MB2e is designed to make cooking with cannabis fun and easy. It lets you infuse butter, oil (olive, peanut, sunflower, coconut, canola, etc.), grain alcohol and more with herbs and botanicals. It takes as little as two hours to make an infusion with MB2e. Simply add to your favorite foods, sauces, desserts and drinks. The number of recipes you can make with MB2e is virtually endless.

While MagicalButter is typically used for cannabis recipes, it can also be used to make home goods and skin care recipes for candles, lotions, creams and salves.


● Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences

● Pitcher constructed of stainless steel

● Integrated digital thermostat and sensors provide laboratory-grade temperature controls for consistent results

● Makes 2-5 cups per cycle

● Self-cleaning


● Weight: 10 lbs.

● Width: 10 in.

● Height: 14 in.

● Depth: 10 in.

● Capacity: 2-5 cups of liquids


● MB2e device

● PurifyFilter 190

● LoveGlove

● MagicalButter Essential Cookbook

● MagicalButter Owner's Manual

● 110V power cord

To Enter the Contest:

The contest is over. Our winner is Deanna Raney of Fort Gibson, OK. Congrarts!

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of CelebStoner.com, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.