The Top 4 Concentrate Vapes of 2018

In 2018, the vaporizer industry has seen many improvements with new versatile options for all types of vapes used with dry herb and concentrates. Here are Portable Hookahs’ top four:

1. Haze Square

This is the coolest all-in-one vape on the market. It has four chambers; to switch between them, twist the side like a Rubik’s Cube. This is one of the few vaporizers that works perfectly with dry herb and concentrates while using a fully convection-based heating chamber. It’s absolutely the best option. Price: $169

2. Dr. Dabber's Aurora

Once again, Aurora is the vape pen of the year. It has three magnetic heating chambers and there’s no threading, which means the connection can’t get stripped and cause leaks. When purchasing a vaporizer for concentrates, you may not know which coil is best. Aurora offers three coil options: quartz, ceramic coil and donut. With experience, you’ll know exactly which coil fits your needs and reorder the one you enjoy the most. Price: $99

3. Kandypens' Galaxy

The Galaxy’s quartz crystal-mined heating chamber with dual quartz rods wrapped in titanium is absolutely perfect for solid concentrates. The XL chamber has air holes with a mouthpiece that allows perfect airflow for the production of huge clouds. If you’re looking for an amazing experience using up to .3 grams of wax, shatter or crumble, this is the perfect pen for you. Price: $99

4. AirVape OM

This keychain wax pen uses a dual quartz rod, has three voltage settings and comes with oil cartridge attachments in case you’d like to take some THC or CBD oil to go. It's equipped with a glass mouthpiece that provides super-clean flavor and is the most inconspicuous and easiest to travel with vape of 2018. Price: $64.95

These four portable vapes/pens are among the best currently available on the market. For more about top-rated vaporizers, visit Portable Hookahs.