Banger Nails for Dabbing: All You Need to Know

Bangers are the coolest trend in dabbing. Not hottest, but the coolest, because this new nail method reduces the heat needed to vaporize concentrates.

Inhaling smoke from high temperatures can produce carbon monoxide and benzene, which are very harmful to the human body. High temperatures also result in poor-tasting dabs. Flavor and taste are very important when inhaling wax because of the terpenes and cannabinoids they contain. This is why bangers were created.

What Are Banger Nails?

A dab banger is a specific type of nail that gets placed into the bowl stem. Just like any other nail, it gets heated up with a torch until it’s ready to dab. Bangers have a curved, swan-neck and flat-bottom hammer design, which is partially responsible for the efficient airflow and low-temp dabbing. The surface area to dab is also bigger than any other type of nail. The flat bottom allows for even heating.

Banger Nails

Quartz is the best, hands down. It’s thick material and less prone to break if dropped and more resistant to shatter when heating with a torch. Quartz also helps the wax taste better.

Ceramic is good for preserving flavors, but expands with quick temperature changes.

Titanium bangers either have a curve or a 90-degree bend. They tend to have more of a metallic taste unless the temperature is just right. Due to the heat, it’s easy to scratch, which can leak metal contaminants into your vapor.


Low Temperature dabbing is the new cannabis craze for good reasons. The lower the temps, the better the flavors. Temps over 600°F are going to combust and turn vapor into smoke, which is harsher on the throat and lungs.

Airflow: The swan-necked curve along with the flat surface with closed-off sides help contain the vapor. The closed sides alsmot act like a carburetor cap without the top closed. This keeps the vapor in one pathway.

Taste: Quartz allows for pure, unadulterated flavor.

How to Use a Banger Nail

Using a banger nail is not difficult, but like with all dabbing, you need to be careful. Employing a dab torch, it takes 20 seconds to heat the bottom surface of the banger. Keep the tip of the torch flame right on the surface. Make sure it’s not too close or too far. If it’s glowing red, it’s too hot to use. Let it cool down for about 10 to 20 seconds. With a dabber tool, place the concentrate on the bottom surface and inhale.

Heating up the banger between 450°F to 600°F provides the perfect dabs. This is the middle ground of perfect flavor, potency and vapor.

Cleaning Banger Nails

Use 99% ISO alcohol and Q-tips to keep banger nails clean.