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Seven Rules for the Starter Vaper

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You might want to start vaping cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. It may be a suggestion of your doctor or your own decision to experiment with unconventional ways to cure some ailment or just a desire to relax after a busy day at work. The reasons may vary, but they all lead to the same result – inhaling cannabis.

Vaping is simple and it’s incredibly easy to get started. Here are seven rules for those who are going to vape weed for the first time.

1. Decide on the Vape Material

Marijuana can be vaped in different forms. The most common are:

• Flowers

• Oil concentrates

• Wax concentrates

2. Choose the Right Type of Vaporizer

To vape marijuana in different forms, you’ll need the devices designed specifically for vaporizing herbs, oils or waxes. There are a number of types of weed vaporizers (Vapingdaily suggests many variations). Some vaporizers are compatible with both flower and extracts. We recommend separating the use of flower and concentrates.

• Flower (Dry Herb): This type of device usually comes in portable pen-style models. They may have many features and vary in prices, but all function in pretty much the same way: they heat up flower until it’s vaporized. Experienced weed vapers use table-top devices as well.

Convection-type devices allow heat to be evenly distributed. Conduction-type devices are usually more portable and cheaper, but their big drawback is inefficient heat distribution. It’s not the most efficient way of achieving a consistent vape.

• Oil: Pens filled with oil in cartridges are small, discreet and easy to use on the go. They provide power, flavor and smoothness in an efficient, convenient and simple fashion.

• Wax: Pens can be filed with concentrates manually. It’s important to regularly clean these devices or they’ll get clogged up. More experienced vapers prefer to dab concentrates using a bong-type device and either metal or glass nails or bowls.

3. Find the Best Temperature

Lower temperatures release fewer cannabinoids and are perfect for those who want a more awake high. Using the temperature guage (if your vape has one), start vaporizing marijuana at 347°F, see how it hits and then slowly move higher to a maximum of 410°F. Going much higher than that may lead to combustion, which is a no-no in vaping.

4. Inhale Lightly

Smoking a joint requires you to take long and hard drags. The secret of efficient weed vaping is a slow heating process. It can’t be forced or hurried. Gentle, light puffs are best for vaping. Hard puffs introduce cold air into the chamber and decrease the temperature, making the device work harder and degrading the vapor quality.

5. Take Care of Your Vaporizer

Neglect will result in a bad vaping experience and shorter life of the device. Keep it clean and well taken care of (use rubbing alcohol and ear swabs) in order to enjoy the vapor.

6. Don’t Re-Vape Weed

Newbies sometimes ask whether it’s possible to re-use already vaped cannabis. The answer is a big NO. You can't get high off the vapor leftovers. It has a putrid taste and will give you a headache.

7. Remember About Vaping Etiquette

The fact that vaping is safer than smoking doesn’t automatically make it widely acceptable. Besides, it’s banned in many public places where smoking is also prohibited. Like with joints and pipes, be careful.

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