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Five Reasons to Buy Bubblers Instead of Bongs

Bubblers Are More Portable Than Bongs

Bubblers and bongs may resemble each other, but bubblers are generally smaller. The best bubblers utilize water for filtration. This provides smokers with clean hits, just like with bongs.

Bongs diffuse the smoke easily and produce big, flavorful rips. But unlike bubblers, they're bulky and don't come in convenient sizes. You can take bubblers anywhere.

Bubblers Don't Requre Water

Even though it’s called a bubbler, you don’t have to fill it up with water. They also work as a dry glass pipes.

They Percolate Too

Percolators are the glass formations inside bongs. They diffuse and cool the smoke.

The majority of the bubblers feature basic filtration with the use of a water chamber. The water plays an important part in eliminating the bad taste and tingly feeling when smoking. Bubblers are designed to give smooth hits like bongs. Some bubblers also include percolators.

They're Cheaper Than Bongs

While bongs can cost as much as $500, it’s hard to spend more than $150 on a quality bubbler.

Some Are Shaped Like Elephants

Just like bongs, there are various styles of bubblers. Hammer bubblers look like mini-hammers instead of a large glass bowls. Their long handles provide more space for more smoke.

Upright bubblers are safe and won’t fall over or spill.

Bent-neck bubblers, with their curved design, look like custom-made pieces.

Elephant bubblers, like uprights, rest on any flat surface with their four legs.

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