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Hemper’s Seven Best Glass Pieces of 2019

The perfect bubbler, glass pipe or dab rig can be a great addition to your ever-growing collection. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know which bubblers, glass pipes or dab rigs are right for you. Here are seven of our favorite pieces of 2019.

Hemper Lunar Omega Rig

This clasy perculator rig is a smaller version of the Summit bong and features a smaller chamber for less filtration. Its superior airflow prevents the lungs from being overwhelmed and overheated and offers just the right amount of diffusion without unwanted back splashes. For dabbing purposes, customize this rig with a banger nail or e-nail.

Pineapple Rig V2

This fruit-style rig will be a conversation starter for all of your smoking sessions. It has a 350-degree showerhead perc and a pineapple splash guard. The mouthpiece, accented in a vibrant yellow, sits atop the pitched neck. Both a collectible centerpiece and a reliable rig, it too can be customized for dabbing purposes.

Mini-Swirl Hammer Bubbler

A tinier version of the Sherlock hammer design, it’s the perfect bubbler for smoking on the go or for a quick mini-sesh. The piece is so compact, it fits right in the palm of your hand.

Amore Bubbler

Made by MJ Arsenal, this piece exudes love with its snow-globe shape and pink heart center. The ideal Valentine’s Day gift, it’s still enjoyable to use year round. The heart fills with smoke while simultaneously preventing water from being drawn into the mouthpiece as you smoke. An added bonus, the built-in four-point percolator in the base of the heart provides smooth pulls.

Hemper Donut

Design and function serve an important purpose in this unique circular donut pipe. As smoke spreads through the two channels, there’s double the space and time for it to cool down.

Hemper Double Scoop Ice Cream Hand Pipe

Two bowls are better than one in this unique glass creation. Featuring back-to-back attached bowls, you can smoke different flavors at the same time. This ice cream cone shaped pipe’s triple-pinched stem offers terrific airflow.

Hemper Matrix Stack Bong

At nine inches tall, the Matrix is easy on the throat thanks to its percolator and ice pinch. The bottle-styled chamber deflects water back to the bottom so it can be filtered again in one seamless sequence. Accented in blue or black, this sleek piece is just the right size for the accomplished bong hitter.