Seven Applications of Industrial Hemp

Photo courtesy of the Maryland Farm Bureau

Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp farming is booming. One of the most versatile raw materials in the world, industrial hemp can be made into a multitude of products, from CBD to textiles to plastics to food. And it’s good for the environment. Here are seven important applications.

1. Bioplastics

Plastic is not good for the environment. Fortunately, bioplastics made from hemp mimic plastics made from fossil fuels. Hemp plastics are hard and durable, but they break down through very simple processes and are inexpensive to be recycled.

2. Paper

When you make paper from hemp, you’re not cutting down trees and you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, hemp paper is easy to recycle. Since hemp grows very quickly, farmers can harvest several crops per year (depending on the climate) and send those harvests to clients so that they can manufacture paper and other products.

Hemp can be made into thick rope like this.

3. Rope, Twine and Clothing

Hemp rope doesn’t have a sheen on it like nylon rope, which is synthetic. It can be used for small applications at home or on a boat, or you could get heavy hemp rope that has a very high weight rating. The fibers can also be made into make clothing and textiles.

4. Hemp Oil 

Hemp oil is extracted for CBD and infused into numerous products, like lotions, soap, tinctures and food. Many users cite CBD health benefits for anxiety, sleep, inflammation and pain.

Harvesting long, tall fiber-rich, high-in-CBD hemp plants

5. Insulation and Hempcrete

An alternative to fiberglass insulation, hemp is not harmful to breathe and helps you have a green home. Hempcrete is another beneficial product for housing construction.

6. Food

Hemp is also a health food. Products range from cereals and power bars to milk and pancake mixes. For those who maintain a vegan diet, hemp provides protein.

7. Biofuel

Machines tend to run more efficiently, last longer and perform better on biofuels. Have a look at the Leafbuyer dispensary finder to find where you can buy harvested hemp that can be converted into biofuel. Sell the biofuel on your own or to another company or the hemp to other companies so they can make their own.