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Hemper and the the Art of Innovative Glass

Halloween Jack the Ripper Bong

Cannabis culture is an ever-evolving tide, with those who partake often contributing to innovations and creative advancements in the enjoyment of the world’s favorite herb.

If you’re serious about enjoying your herb to the fullest, investing in innovative and performance-minded glass pieces is essential. Yet, there was a period of time when glass pipe and bong designs remained largely stagnant, boring and of low production quality.

With the move towards decriminalization and legalization in both the U.S. and around the world, smoking accessories by association have taken center stage. This newfound demand and acceptance has led to the launch of companies eager to fill the void with products that look as good as they perform.

One company that has emerged as a leading innovator in the industry is Hemper. Founded by Bryan Gerber, Ravjot “RJ” Bhasin and Henry Kochhar in 2015, Hemper quickly became an industry and fan favorite, experiencing early success that's continued to this day. Inspired by a desire to bring better products to cannabis users at affordable prices that don’t break the bank, Hemper is best known for its subscription box service and online headshop.

Hemper’s Unique Approach

As a company created by smokers for smokers, Hemper has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, finding different ways to improve and enhance the experience for users.

But it’s not just about function and performance. Form, design and creativity are also important aspects of the experience. There’s an artistry involved in designing and producing glass that tantalizes the senses and provides joy to the users.

Research, Development and Design

Cactus Jack Bong

Hemper’s in-house research and development team works tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind glassware and many industry firsts. Blending innovation, superior quality and design, the team places a focus on themed glasswork and collaborations.

Themes range from nostalgic and iconic blasts from the past to favorite pastimes and holiday-inspired glassware. Past themes have included:

Halloween Jack the Ripper bong

Gaming bong

Sea Turtle bong

Cactus Jack bong

Lunar Lander bong

Pineapple rig

Lucky Coin rig

Rocket Ship bong

Snow Globe bong

Apple Cider bong

Soda Cup rig

Tornado vortex

Lunar Lander Bong

Henny Gang rig

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Fruitful Collaborations

Two heads are better than one, especially when they consist of some of the industry’s finest designers. From celebrities to cannabis aficionados, having a fresh, real-world perspective from people outside of the R&D lab can bring some interesting glass concepts to light. The cannabis connoisseurs listed below have been able to curate many collaborations creating something for every stoner:

Rico Nasty

Lil Debbie

Strain Central

Chef Henny

Kimmy Tan