Five Steps for Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

Place the bud in the parchment paper and then wedge it between the arms of the hair straightener. Turn the heat on and, within seconds, the rosin oil starts oozing out.

Since rosin is growing in popularity in the cannabis community, many dab connoisseurs are going to want to try to press their own bud for rosin. Unfortunately, a lot of the rosin presses on the market are expensive, bulky and can be hard to use. 


What Is Rosin?

Rosin is a type of cannabis oil that is extracted through a solventless technique. When you combine heat, time and pressure on some high-quality bud, cannabis oil squeezes out. This type of cannabis oil is known to be the cleanest dabs you can smoke because it is solventless. Rosin dabs are also known to be filled with natural flavor from the bud’s specific strain.


A Simple Way to Press Rosin at Home

If you don't have the time and money to learn how to press rosin with expensive equipment, using a hair straightener can suffice to make some tasty rosin. To get started, all you need is a hair straightener, some rosin press bags, parchment paper, fresh cannabis flowers and a collection tool. This is also a safe method of creating dabs compared to the dangers of butane extraction methods. It's recommended to use heat-resistant gloves for safety as well. Now, let’s go through five simple steps to create some delicious and highly flavorful rosin dabs.

The beautiful final rosin product

Step 1: Plug in your hair straightener and turn it on to the lowest setting of around 280°-330° degrees F. Then cut out a small square of parchment paper, around 5-6 inches.

Step 2: Take the flower bud you're planning to press and pack it evenly and nicely in a rosin bag. Make sure the material is not ground up and there are air spaces. You can even use two rosin bags and place one inside the other for extra protection.

Rosin bags are essential.

Step 3: Place the packed rosin bag in the middle of the cut-out square of parchment paper. Then fold the parchment paper over the material and bag you are about to press.

Step 4: Now, take the hair straightener and clamp it on the bud you are pressing that’s inside the folded parchment paper. Only press for 3-7 seconds. Then you will hear the sizzling sound (this is good). 

Step 5: Remove the hair straightener and unfold the parchment paper. Use a collecting tool to dispose of the pressed nug. The rest of the sticky material is the rosin that you now can collect and smoke. Happy dabbing!