CelebStoner's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing. It may not be jolly with Covid-19 continuing to spread. But you can buy and ship presents. Here are our stony holiday gift recommendations:


Bliss Molecules' Relief Cream

Owned and operated by Bianca Prachyl, her skincare company offers a range of topicals and cosmeceuticals. Our favorite is the Relief Cream, which combines peppermint and lavender oils with 200 mg of hemp extract in a 3 oz. container. The rich white lotion works on sore spots, aches and pains. Make sure to apply it carefully. 

Price: $40

Use this 30% discount code through December 7 for all Bliss Molecules' products: CYBERWEEK


Cannabis 101

New Jersey cannabis journalist Dan Ulloa covers a lot of territory in this 230-page book, but for him it all points back to the Garden State. Published just prior to voters legalizing marijuana there in November, Cannabis 101 is both prescient and slighty ahead of its time. Interviews with key NJ indusrty players like Leo Bridgewater and Tara Sargente help Ulloa tell the compelling story of marijuana in America, circa 2020.

Price: $21.25


Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Former High Times cultivation expert Danny Danko's followup to The Official High Times Filed Guide to Marijuana Strains provides basic growing advice with illustrations throughout its 140 pages. Danko’s enthusiasm will make you want to order some seeds and start a mini grow-op. 

Price: $14.95


Curved Rolling Papers

The brainchild of Long Island, NY entrepreneur Michael O'Malley, Curved Papers are unique for their rounded edges which he says makes them easier to roll with. Curved comes in multiple sizes and styles (white, brown, hemp, rice) and has many affiliations, including with CelebStoner and NORML. 

Prices: $2-$2.40 per pack (also sold in four-packs and boxes of 24)


Doob Tubes

Based in Castro Valley, California, Ray Chico's Doob Tubes have been around for years. Easily customized with logos and sayings like 420 Meeting Reminder and Chronic, these colorful plastic containers are odor proof, moisture resistant and airtight. 

Prices: $6.25 (five-pack) to $79.50 (box of 100)


DoubleBlind Essentials Kit

Founded and edited by Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin, DoubleBlind is their hot, California-based, bi-annual psychedelics magazine. The first three issues, a mushroom pin and tote bag, and a couple of stickers come with this assortment. Ten percent of the proceeds is donated to MAPS.

Price: $59.99


Eco Four Twenty's Personal Air Filter

The stink of marijuana is unmistakable. For years, clever stoners have invented numerous ways to rid the smell, using toiiet paper tubes and dryer sheets or homemade contraptions known as mutes. Eco Four Twenty's sleek black filter also does the job. Exhale and mysteriously the smoke or vapor disappears inside the tube. It's good for 500 exhales before your need a replacement cartridge.

Price: $37 (includes replacement cartridge)



Cypress Hill teamed up with Fitz Games on this comedy game that comes with 420 cards as well as "expansion packs." Let B-Real explain: "Each Round 1 player asks a question. The other players pick their funniest answer card to find the best match. First player to reach 7 wins." The Cypress Hill expansion pack contains 40 additional question, answer and dare cards, such as, "Two people roll a joint together at the same time, using one hand each."

Prices: $25 (base game), $12.50 (expansion packs), $99 (bundle)


House of Saka

When you think of wine and weed you think of California. Based in Napa Valley and founded by Cynthia Salarizedeh and Tracey Mason, House of Saka offers two infused, non-alcoholic beverages that combine grapes and cannabis - a Chardonnay (white) and a Pinot Noir (pink). They're currently available at five California pot shops.

Price: $45

Kind Fine Jewelry

Cannabis consumers with expensive taste will enjoy browsing the Kind Fine Jewelry catalog, curated by New Yorker Shella Eckhouse. It includes a variety of potleaf accessories, from a set of stering silver cuff links ($300) to a gold cannabis flower pendant necklace ($800) to the splurge-worthy diamond cannabis-flower stud earrrings ($1,200).


Peak Extracts

Owned and operated by Kate Black and Katie Stem, Peak Extracts are best known as a cannabis chocolatier based in Portland, Oregon. They're also big on CBD topicals and tinctures, which can be shipped nationwide. Their Rescue Rub has three formulas: CBD Full-Spectrum ($25-$35), CBD THC-Free ($30-$45) and Hawaiian Hemp CBDa ($25-$35). Five different tincture solutions (two mix in CBG and CBN) range from $60-$70 or you can get the Rainbow Pack (see photo above) for $300.


Potency No. 710

This North Hollywood company run by Mandy Lile offers a line of CBD facial products, including Future Face charcoal mask ($57), Gold Serum ($85), Calm Down bath brick ($18) and Modern Mist ($45). Join the 710 Society and get discounts, free shipping and early access to promos, events and more.


Pot Pocket

A simple carrying case for joints, spliffs and blunts, the Pot Pocket comes in four wood styles: blonde, chocolate, Oreo or stripes. Just pull open and slip a stick of tea in the recessed areas. Done with your joint? Place it on the Pot Pocket and it will extinguish. 

Price: $20


Puffco Peak Pro 

The latest from Puffco, this portable dab machine is the height in cannabis luxury. It comes packaged in sleek white boxes like Apple products. Remove the conical device from the hard-plastic carrying case, charge it up, place the sticky material in the new improved deeper chamber and click the button in the back twice to begin the heating process. You can choose various temps (blue, yellow, red or white), from 450˚-545˚, and set to four different groovy light patterns. The Power Dock charger ($119) is a nifty add-on. Other pluses include wireless charging and Bluetooth App capability. For a smooth smoke, get your Peak Pro on.

Price: $399 


The Complete Guide to CBD

The third edition of Centennial Media's Complete Guide to CBD is 100 pages of articles and photos with no ads. The focus is on CBD during Covid-19 - what you can do to ward off the virus and the state of the current research as it relates to cannabinoids. CelebStoner publisher Steve Bloom is also editor-in-chief of this magazine.

Price: $13


The Original Hemp Straw

Plastic straw are bad for the environment, espeically the ocean where they often end up, endangering sea life. These hemp straws - they're made of hemp, wheat and sugarcane - biodegrade within 12 months. The compny was founded by Sheelah Golliglee.

Prices: 1 box of 100 straws, $19.99; 100 boxes, $10 per


Ziggy Marley Accessory Case

Top CelebStoner Ziggy Marley's extensive merch line includes this carrying case (it's 4 x 3.25 inches) that's perfectly designed to fit several joints, a pack of rolling papers and a lighter. Unfortunately, none of these items are included with the case. The front has Ziggy's logo on it and the back has the traditional lion image seen on the lighter.

Price: $17.99


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This artricle was posted on November 11. It has been updated several times.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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