From Nectar Collectors to E-Rigs: Dabbing Do's and Don'ts

Dude with nectar collector (image via YouTube)

Dabbing is a process in which cannabis concentrates are melted using heat to create vapor that is then inhaled. Dabbing and smoking are similar:

Heat + Flower =  Smoking

Heat + Concentrates = Dabbing

The only differences are the equipment used and the nature of the THC being inhaled.

Dabbing is quickly becoming the future of cannabis consumption. Once you get past the initial cost of getting a dab rig or nectar collector, you’ve basically set yourself up for the purest way to enjoy concentrated cannabis. 


Different Ways to Dab

• Dab Rig

The dab rig or water pipe is the first dabbing tool you should familiarize yourself with. You have two options: either get an attachment to convert your regular water pipe or bong for dabbing or buy a conventional dab rig. Both require butane torches for heating bowls or nails made of either titanium or glass (known as bangers).

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• E-Rig

Electronic dabbing devices generate heat without fire. E-rigs have gauges that can be used to adjust the coil's temperature and manipulate the vapors. With E-rigs, there's no need for butane or any other type of torch; the heating process is 100% electric.

Battery-operated devices like the Puffco Peak and X-Max Qomo are also known as electronic rigs.


• Nectar Collector

These portable dab rigs have a vertical design, a straw which functions as a mouthpiece and a quartz or titanium tip which is heated and used to evaporate cannabis concentrates.

"Dabs are far more potent than even the best grade of cannabis flowers you’ve ever consumed."


Common Tips

• Don’t Overheat

Overheating concentrates like wax can completely ruin the process and waste good THC. You don't want to burn wax faster than you can inhale the vapor. Overheating can also cause discomfort and fits of coughing. 

The nectar collector tip should be perfectly heated, so it's neither too hot, nor too cool. A hot tip will burn off the terpenes, which provide the flavor.


• Start Small

It’s easy to get caught up in all the action that surrounds dabbing. Many times, newbies forget you must walk before you can run. Regardless of how well someone describes their first dabbing session, it doesn’t mean yours will be exactly the same or anything close to what they experienced. Dabs are far more potent than even the best grade of cannabis flowers you’ve ever consumed.

Start with a small amount and gradually increase how much you consume per session until you’ve achieved your preferred state of highness.


• Know What You’re Buying

Concentrated cannabis is extracted using a sophisticated process which involves several chemicals. When done by professionals, harmful chemicals are removed making the concentrate safe for consumption. But if a concentrate isn’t produced by a verified company, it may still contain some of these chemicals that can cause health complications.

You should always buy your concentrates from reputable providers. For an extra layer of protection, request a detailed analysis of the product you’re buying, which most producers will gladly attach to your order.

Safe and happy dabbing!


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