CelebStoner's Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing. Here are our stony holiday gift recommendations:


Black Tuna

via Trulieve

Back in January, Bob Platshorn wrote the following article for CelebStoner: How I Sold My Black Tuna Strained to Trulieve. Black Tuna was the name of his "gang" of pot smugglers who eventually got busted. Platshorn spent 29 years in federal prison because of his stony escapades. Released in 2008, he's parlayed his experience in the weed industrry and developed a Lambs Bread x Herijuana cross that's proved popular with patients in Florida. Black Tuna is part of the TruFlower collection.

Price: $58


Bridge H20

Leo Bridgewater and his strain

Named for New Jersey cannabis activist and veteran Leo Bridgewater, Bridge420 flower is a Wedding Cake x Chem Dog x OG cross. It's available at Harmony Dispensary in Secaucus.

Price: $56.25 per eighth


Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Author Danny Danko

Former High Times cultivation expert Danny Danko's followup to The Official High Times Filed Guide to Marijuana Strains provides basic growing advice with illustrations throughout its 140 pages. Danko’s enthusiasm will make you want to order some seeds and start your own pot garden of delights. 

Price: $14.95


Chill Steel Pipes

Chill Steel Pipe (via Benzinga)

Build your own bong using stainless steel parts. Start with the Chill base ($120) and screw in the Chill neckpiece ($40). While the base generally comes in black and blue, there are nine different neckpieces to choose from (Classic Tie Dye to Black Smoke). The interior has a patented ceramic coating that hits and cleans like glass. A basic glass bowl is included. Fill with cold water and ice before use. It's really smooth and easy to clean. Justin Johnson from Chill advises: "You don’t even have to refrigerate it. The base works like a Yeti bottle, and the ice water will stay cold in it for up to 12 hours, even if it’s right in the sun." 


Curved Rolling Papers

The brainchild of Long Island, NY entrepreneur Michael O'Malley, Curved Papers are unique for their rounded edges which makes them easier to roll with. Curved comes in multiple sizes and styles (white, brown, hemp, rice) and has many affiliations, including with CelebStoner and NORML. 

Prices: $2-$2.40 per pack; $8-$9.60 per four-pack; $44-$52.80 per box of 24


Doob Tubes

Based in Castro Valley, California, Ray Chico's Doob Tubes have been around for years. Easily customized with logos and sayings like 420 Meeting Reminder and Chronic, these colorful plastic containers are odor proof, moisture resistant and airtight. 

Prices: $6.25 (five-pack) to $79.50 (box of 100)


House of Saka

The House of Saka Collection

When you think of wine and weed you think of California. Based in Napa Valley and founded by Cynthia Salarizedeh and Tracey Mason, House of Saka offers two infused, non-alcoholic beverages that combine grapes and cannabis - a Chardonnay (white) and a Pinot Noir (pink). There's also Spark, an infused mimosa. All three are currently available at more than 40 California pot shops.

Price: $45


Kind Fine Jewelry

Cannabis consumers with expensive taste will enjoy browsing the Kind Fine Jewelry catalog, curated by New Yorker Shella Eckhouse. It includes a variety of potleaf accessories, from a set of stering silver cuff links ($300) to a gold cannabis flower pendant necklace ($800) to the splurge-worthy diamond cannabis-flower stud earrrings ($1,200).


Potency No. 710

This North Hollywood company run by Mandy Lile offers a line of CBD facial products, including Future Face charcoal mask ($42), Gold Serum ($85), Calm Down bath brick ($7.10) and Modern Mist ($45). Join the 710 Society and get discounts, free shipping and early access to promos, events and more.



Plantchek has tests for THC and CBD.

Now you can check your cannabis for THC and CBD levels at home. These "quick tests" are easy to follow. Grind up a small amout of cannabis, decarboxylate in an oven for a few minutes, then mix with the solution. It turns colors. In the case of THC, the redder the better. A strip is used in the CBD kit; again, the darker the final color the better. It reads from 0-25%. Each kit includes containers for three tests.

Price: $47.95 (plus S&H) per kit, $85.95 for both


Pot Pocket

A simple carrying case for joints, spliffs and blunts, the Pot Pocket (created by Jo-Ann Bellanti) comes in four wood styles: blonde, chocolate, Oreo or stripes. Just pull open and slip a stick of tea in the recessed areas. Done with your joint? Place it on the Pot Pocket and it will extinguish. 

Price: $20


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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