13 Stony Gifts for the Holiday Season

Cheech & Chong's Chronicles

via Z2 Comics

A.k.a. A Brief History of Weed, this graphic novel written by Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong and Eliot Rahal and published by Z2 Comics is not quite a history lesson and more of a wacky ride with the stoner icons, drawn by nine different illustrators. Also from Z2 Comics: Cypress Hill: Tres Equis and Sublime: $5 at the Door.
Price: $89.99


Curved Papers

via Curved Papers

The brainchild of Long Island, NY entrepreneur Michael O'Malley, patented Curved® Papers' featured innovation is its easy-to-roll curved edge. Curved® Papers come in two popular sizes, 1-1/4 and KSS, offering four fine paper options (white, brown, hemp, and rice). This innovative brand's industry and movement affiliations notably include CelebStoner and NORML.
Prices: $2-$2.40 per pack; $8-$9.60 per four-pack; $44-$52.80 per box of 24


Flower Mill

via Flower Mill USA

Imagine a grinder with no teeth. "Rather than shredding like conventional grinders, Flower Mill’s innovative milling process crumbles the herb, resulting in a lighter, fluffier product," the website notes. Instead of teeth, there are discs that break down the herb after several spins. The beauty is the device doesn't get stuck or need to be cleaned.
Prices: $39-$99


Focus V's Carta 2

via Focus V

Move over Puffco Pro, you have some competition. This battery-operated Carta 2 rig is for dabbers who prefer not to use a torch. Just press the buttons instead like with most vape products. Set temps and the timer, enjoy the rotation of colors and take strong hits of your favorite sticky concentrates. The two companies are currently involved in a legal battle over patent infringement.
Price: $350


Great Moments in Weed History Prerolls

Saints Joints in Seattle has teamed up with podcasters David Bienenstock and Adbul Saeed, whose popular Great Moments in Weed History chronicles the plant's notorious past. Ten of those shows have been paired with half-size prerolls in neat little boxes. For instance, the "Little Women Get Lit" program about 1976 comes with five joints, ranging from Ric James to Pancakes a la Mode. Bienenstock used to work at High Times and Saeed hosted Bong Appetít on Vice.
Price: $40 for pack with 5 prerolls



via Honeysuckle

The latest issue of the New York-based cannacentric mag (above) features Florida rapper Mellow Rackz on the cover. Previous issues had Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne and others. Look for Honeysuckle at cannabis trade shows and expos.
Price: $11.95


House of Saka

via House of Saka

When you think of wine and weed you think of California. Based in Napa Valley and founded by Cynthia Salarizedeh and Tracey Mason, House of Saka offers two infused, non-alcoholic beverages that combine grapes and cannabis - a Chardonnay (white) and a Pinot Noir (pink). There's also Spark, an infused mimosa. All three are currently available at more than 40 California pot shops.
Price: $45


Pax Plus

via Pax

The popular Pax vapes are primarily for flower, but this handy device converts for concentrates as well by using a separate chamber that fires up. They come in four different metallic colors. As the company likes to say: "Sip, don't rip." 
Price: $250

Personal Plants

via Personal Plants

The Sacred Garden Kits from Amanda Reiman's Personal Plants are for beginners and advanced cultivators. Plants include Salvia divinorum and Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine). Seeds and cuttings can only be shipped in the U.S. and not to certain states. 
Prices: $77-$145


via Plantchek

Now you can check your cannabis products for THC and CBD levels at home with Plantchek. These "quick tests" are easy to use, accurate and affordable and can test flower, oils, tinctures and concentrates with up to 96% THC or CBD in under 10 minutes right in your own home, lab or production facility. Each kit includes three tests.
Prices: $47.95 (plus S&H) per kit, or $85.95 for both

Prime Superior

via Prime Superior

The 15-oz. Drench from Prime Superior contains a proprietary strain of the fungus, Beauveria bassiana (PS420). It increases growth, photosynthesis, terps and cannabinoids with each spray.
Price: $29.95


The Joy of Cannabis

via Sourcebooks

This joyous pot guide from Sourcebooks by Melanie Abrams and Larry Smith provides fun and games for the whole stony family with "75 ways to amplify your life through the science and magic of cannabis," such as No. 29 - "Laugh Your Grass Off." You may recognize Smith; he founded of The Six-Word Memoir Project.
Price: $27.89


Willie Nelson: Live at Budokan

via Sony Legacy

Recorded in Japan in 1984, the music and video from Nelson's Live at Budokan concert has not been released until now. The package - two CDs and one DVD, a total of 28 songs - captures Nelson and his band at a mid-career peak.
Price: $29.98


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