'Mad Men' Season 6: Smells Like Reefer

Mad Men
Megan passes Don a joint in Season 6, Episode 1 (CelebStoner)

It's 1968 now on Mad Men, and the show is totally embracing the emerging pot culture. In the Season 6 opener, Megan (Jessica Pare) brings a couple of joints to Hawaii, where she and Don (Jon Hamm) are vacationing. "I know you've tried it but you haven't had sex high." Megan says. "It makes it so much more intense." Dressed in just a bra and panties, she lights a joint, then passes it to Don, who inhales. The rest of the scene is left to the viewer's imagination.

Mad Man
Jon Hamm as Don Draper smokes a joint on ’Mad Men’ (CelebStoner)

At Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, he catches Stan (Jay R. Ferguson) hitting a joint in the writers room. "I smell creativity!" Don jokes as Stan scurries to put it out. When Joan (Christina Hendricks) gets a whiff of the sweet odor pervading the office, she sniffs, "I don't know if it's the photographers or the writers, but it really smells like reefer in here."

Betty (January Jones) takes an interest in her daughter's friend, who runs away to an East Village squat. Sandy's not there, but Betty gets an earful from the hippies. Bourgeois and uptight, she declines a joint when it's offered her.

In Episode 2, Megan smokes a joint as he tells Sylvia (Linda Cardellini), Don's mistress, about her miscarriage. "May I?" Sylvia asks, referring to the joint in the ashtray. Megan lights it for Sylvia.

In Episode 3, Don and Stan share a joint after Stan hypes, "I'm telling you, it clears the cobwebs." They brainstorm about the Heinz account. "I think we should order lunch," Stan giggles without saying the word "munchies." Don laughs along.

In a another scene, Joan and her sister end up at the Electric Circus on St. Mark's Place making out with strange guys while psychedelic images and music play in the background.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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