Far Out: 'Mad Men' and Marijuana

Mad Men
Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, takes a hash hit off a hookah.

Season 6 of Mad Men has been groovy. Set in 1968, the hippie counterculture is in full swing and the show has reflected it with many references to marijuana.

In addition, current events like the Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy assassinations, and in the latest episode the Democratic National Convention in Chicago where police beat protestors as Americans watched on TV, have been the backdrop during a season the that has seen a major merger shake up the Sterling Cooper ad firm.

Mad Men
Don Draper exhales on ’Mad Men," Season 6, Episode 10.

In Episode 10 - "A Tale of Two Cities" - Don (Jon Hamm), Roger (John Slattery) and Harry (Rich Sommer) visit a client in California. Harry, the creative director, invites his colleagues to a hip Hollywood Hills party. "There's tacos and brews are outside, if you want a joint try the candy dish on the coffee table," hostess Cindy advises.

Don discovers Cindy and others sitting around a hookah. "You like hashish?" she asks. "I don't know yet," Don smiles.

He finds out soon enough. As Don begins to make out with Cindy, his wife Megan (Jessica Pare), dressed like a hippie, appears out of the blue. He's happy to see her but is confused. What's she doing there? Then he talks with a soldier. Next thing you know Don's facedown in the pool. Roger pulls him out. Bummer.

Most of the episode focuses around office intrigue while Don and Roger are away. Pete's unhappy with Joan (Christina Hendricks) not following protocol. After Don suggests maybe it's time for Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) to leave advertising, the forlorn partner wonders into the writer's room.

"What are you doing?" Pete asks Stan (Jay R. Ferguson) who's smoking a joint

"Working," he says.

Pete snatches the joint out of Stan's mouth, sits down on the couch and takes a long hit as "Piece of My Heart" cranks up and the episode ends. Groovy.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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