2013 Fall Stoner TV Guide

Once Upon a Time in Wonderful

Top 12 Returning Shows

1. Breaking Bad, AMC, Season 5
In the final episode, Walt (Bryan Cranston) exacted revenge against his enemies but didn't survive the mayhem he caused.

2. Sons of Anarchy, Tues., 10 pm ET, FX, Season 6
Clay (Ron Perlman) and Tara (Maggie Siff) start the season in jail. Jax (Charlie Hunnam) tries to steer the SAMCRO away from gun-running as traitors circle the headquarters on iron hogs.

3. Eastbound & Down, Sun., 10 pm ET, HBO, Season 4
It's the last season for Kenny Powers, who's been playing last seasons on the fringes of professional baseball for years. The larger-than-life oaf portrayed brilliantly by Danny McBride is a lovable loser who loves to do drugs.

4. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Sun., 9 pm CNN, Season 2
Bourdain travels to Spain, Israel, Denmark, Italy, Japan and South Africa in his second season on CNN.

5. Parks and Recreation, Thurs., 8 pm ET, NBC, Season 6
Leslie (Amy Poehler) continues her controversial run as Pawnee City Councilwoman, and her BFF Ann (Rashida Jones) and former boss Chris (Rob Lowe) tie the knot.

6. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11 pm ET, Comedy Central
Stewart returns after taking the summer off. What's fill-in host John Oliver going to do for an encore?

7. Parenthood, Tues., 10 pm, NBC, Season 6
Brave Kristina (Monica Potter) survived cancer with the help of medical marijuana in Season 5. This season will surely see the usual family issues pop up in the Berkeley-set soaper.

8. Homeland, Sun., Showtime, Season 3
The season opens with Congress seeking answers to the CIA bombing. With Brody (Damian Lewis) on the lam, investigators set thier sights on Carrie (Clare Danes), who goes ballistic, giving Saul (Mandy Patinkin) no choice but to turn on her.

9. The Colbert Report, 11:30 ET, Comedy Central
The one-two punch of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert remains essential viewing, so kick back and enjoy the faux conservative making fun of liberals and conservatives alike.

10. Saturday Night Live, 11:30 PM ET, NBC, Season 39
The cast exodus continues with the departures of Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Is there enough in the tank to fuel a new, exciting almost 40th season? The opening show, hosted by Tina Fey, provided some postive answers.

11. Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Wed., 11 pm, FXX, Season 2
Last season, Bell took a stand for marijuana legalization, which isn't a surprise since he's based in San Francisco. Skits, commentaries and interviews fill up the half hour.

12. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Wed., 10 pm ET, FXX, Season 9
Like Totally Biased, they've moved to FX's new sister channel, but still remain in that dingy bar in South Philly. The wacky crew is back for yet another off-the-wall season.

Top 6 New Shows

1. Dads, Tues., Fox, 9/17, 8 pm ET, Fox
Written and produced by the same team responsible for Ted (including Seth MacFarlane), this sit-com stars Martin Mull and Peter Riegert as the "dads" and Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as the sons they live with. In the second episode, the foursome have a "pot-off" involving magic brownies.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Tues., 8:30 pm ET, Fox,
SNL alum Andy Samberg plays a goofy detective on this police office comedy.

3. The Crazy Ones, Thurs., 10 pm ET, CBS, Robin Williams
Robin Williams returns to network TV in this advertising office comedy. He and his daughter (Sarah Michelle Gellar) own the Chicago agency. Expect Williams to do a lot of "riffing."

4. Mom, Mon., 9:30 pm ET, CBS
Anna Faris stars as single and sober mom/waitress Kristy. Allison Janney plays her meddling mother.

5. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, 10/10, 8 pm ET, ABC
Alice (Sophie Lowe) is institutionalized after climbing out of the rabbit hole. But she yearns to return to that magical world and prove she's not insane.

6. Arsenio, 11 pm, The CW
After nine years away from the late-night limelight, Arsenio Hall is back. Woot woot!

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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