'Breaking Bad': This Is the End

Breaking Bad
(Illustration by Tyl3r)

The conclusion of AMC's popular druggy drama Breaking Bad aired last night.

Prior to the final episode, I predicted the following possible resolutions:

1. Walt returns to New Mexico and exacts revenge on Jack, who killed Hank and stole his money.

As it turns out, this is exactly what happens. The methodical Walt (Bryan Cranston) comes back home and sets up Jack (Michael Bowen) and Todd (Jesse Plemons), saving Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the process. It's classic Mr. White, from his science experiment geekery in the desert to the final showdown on the edge of town.

In his last scene with Skyler (Anna Gunn), Walt reveals he liked who he became, that he felt "alive." He goes out like an anti-hero should, in a hail of bullets (think Ivan in The Harder They Come or Tony Montana in Scarface). The difference is Walt sets off the fusillade with a remote control device. He also poisons Lydia (Laura Fraser) with the ricin.

2. Jesse kills Todd.

This happens too, after the automatic gun stops firing, and Jesse, Todd, Walt and Jack are still alive. As Jesse strangles Todd, Walt shoots Jack. It turns out Walt was shot as well in the side and is bleeding. After Jesse takes off, Walt passses out (or dies) as police arrive at the meth lab.

These are my other suggestions for endings written before I saw the final episode:

3. Skyler and Marie track down and kill Walt.

4. Jesse and Walt team up one last time for a final meth cook.

5. Walt Jr. takes over the family business.

6. Saul kills Jack and Todd, and runs off with the loot.

7. Gus rises from the dead and kills Walt.

8. Nothing happens. Walt stays in New Hampshire and eventually freezes to death in the cabin.

What did you think of the final episode?

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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