TV Review: 'The Blue Grass Boys'

It’s Red, Cas, Ponyboy and Rabbit vs. Kentucky Constable Freddie Clark in ’The Blue Grass Boys."

Marijuana cultivation is the premise of a new Discovery Channel reality series, The Blue Grass Boys. The show centers around guerrilla growers Red, Cas, Ponyboy and Rabbit who reside in McCreary County, Kentucky. These eastern Kentucky natives grow their grass down in the backwoods of Jones Holler and do what they can to evade  the grip of local law enforcer, Constable Freddie Clark.

Episodes 1 and 2 aired back to back on Oct. 1. Starting last April, the boys had to get the "girls" (female marijuana plants) in the ground before turkey season began. With only two days to make this happen they get a head start on this season's crop via an older model motor home with a rattle-can camo paint job that's been converted into the the "Grow-n-Go."

Before the plants can soak up the sun, ole Constable Freddie starts becoming a thorn in the boys' side as he pulls over Red and Cas on the only road in and out of Jones Holler. The two growers have a truck bed full of all the tools to hoe up a crop. Just these supplies alone can get them a charge of possession of cultivation paraphernalia. That's only if Freddie can prove the tools will be used for growing marijuana. Freddie, who draws similarities to Roscoe P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard, let's the boys go knowing exactly what they're up to.

With the local lawman on the outlaw growers' heels, the gang scampers to get the plants in the ground. Before the cannabis goes in the earth, Red and the guys make up a batch of, "diaper dirt." This is a dirt mixer consisting of ripped up baby diaper linings mixed in with local McCreary Co. dirt. Once that task is complete, the ladies get transplanted into their new home, a camo clad five-gallon bucket with the diaper dirt mixture.

Kentucky is the third largest producer of marijuana in the U.S. and as a former resident of The Bluegrass State, I can attest that the state's homegrown is legendary. So if these growers want to be the next John Robert Boone, Kentucky's "King of Pot," they'll have to stay one step ahead of Freddie. The growers have the bar set high, as they plan on harvesting a half million dollars in dry product and this grow season the Constable is stepping up his game by bringing on a local teen that has aspirations of being a cop. This teen will be Freddie's narc within Jones Holler and in Episode 2 the teen stumbles upon the Grow-n-Go and alerts Freddie.

The Blue Grass Boys had sub-par ratings. It's unclear whether the show has been picked up by Discovery for more episodes.

Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall

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