'Parenthood' and Pot

Amber (Mae Whitman) gets stoned on "Parenthood" before an important Braverman family dinner.

Set in Berkeley, NBC's Parenthoodis always good for a pot sub-plot. On the latest episode ("Limbo"), Drew and Amber get high on Amber's own supply of weed.

Both of Sarah Braverman's kids are having relationship problems. So Drew (Miles Heizer) visits Amber (Mae Whitman) at her place before attending a family dinner.

Amber: Speaking of other realms of understanding, I think I have a couple of things…" (she opens the freezer and takes out a bottle of vodka and a bag of weed)

Drew: You keep weed in the freezer?

Amber: It keeps it fresh!

Drew: It keeps it fresh? I've never heard of that. How are you going to do this? I don't have any idea…

Amber: I'm sorry, you don't know anything about this? What have you been going for?

Several scenes later, Amber holds a joint and exhales a large cloud of smoke.

Amber (laughing): It's my statement. It's my big statement to the world, you know?

Drew: It helps other people.

While Amber's eats ice cream, mom calls. They forgot about the dinner.

As they arrive, Amber schools Drew on how to be stoned at the dinner. They both take breath mints and eye drops. But Kristina (Monica Potter), Sarah's sister-in-law, busts them at the dinner table during a major family argument.

Kristina to her husband, Adam (Peter Krause): Her kids are stoned. See how stoned they are? They're stoned. Oh yeah, they're baked.

Sarah (looks at Drew and Amber): No they're not.

Adam to Sarah: Maybe that's why you're not the godparent, because your kids are stoners.

Sarah (Lauren Graham): I don't know, they look okay to me.

Watch the episode here.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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