TV Review: Workaholics' 'Best Buds'

Adam, Blake and Ders blaze up at TelAmeriCorp before quitting to work at Karl’s Best Buds burrito & weed shop.

On the latest episode of Workaholics ("Best Buds"), Blake, Adam, Ders and Karl open a burrito shop that also sells weed, called Burweedos.

Karl gets them medical cards, which the guys think entitles them to toke at the office. When Alice says they can't, Blake, Adam and Ders quit their jobs at TelAmeriCorp and join Karl, who's having trouble competing with local dispensaries, selling weed-laced burritos as well as weed at his Best Buds shop.

Burweedos for sale at the Best Buds shop. But Blake and Adam can’t hack kitchen duties.

"Burritos and weed?" Adam says enthusiastically. "That would be like the most amazing job ever."

But things don't go so well as Blake and Adam get into an argument with Ders and Karl about being bossed around.

Blake and Adam in taco and burrito costumes get caught in traffic outside Best Buds.

Blake and Adam don burrito and taco costumes and get stoned hot boxing inside the outfits in a hilarious scene.

When they serve an actual skunk burrito to a restaurant reviewer, it's time to head back to TelAmeriCorp with tails between their legs.

As far as Karl, he'll undoubtedly find another way to tackle his weed-selling competition.

Watch highlights of "Best Buds" on Comedy Central here. Workaholics airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on Comedy Central.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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