TV Review: Offbeat 'Deadbeat'

Roofie (Brandon T. Jackson) and Kevin Pacalioglu (Tyler Labine) smoke joints on the first episode of "Deadbeat" on Hulu.

TV shows are everywhere you'd least expect these days: Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, which recently premiered a show about a stoner medium called Deadbeat.

Kevin can’t quite accomplish his job as a medium without the help of magic mushrooms.

Tyler Labine plays Kevin Pacalioglu, a slovenly clairvoyant who smokes pot with his dealer, Roofie (Brandon T. Jackson), and takes mushrooms to help him figure out his next moves.

Kevin and Roofie get high on his supply on "Deadbeat." Note the large acrylic green bong at right.

In the first episode ("The Sexcorcism") Kevin channels a older woman's dead boyfriend and has sex with her. But, first, the 'shrooms.

"You feeling the mushrooms yet?" she asks.

"It's hard to really tell," he says as toy babies swirl around her fuzzy head.

Watch all 10 Deadbeat Season 1episodes here.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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